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Hello beautiful people

At the start of this year, after more than two years without any movement to speak of, New Earth Nation began to receive a new burst of energy. I received contact from several people – the leader of a sovereign tribal nation in North America, the representative of a large tribal group in Australia, and a core new earth team member – all independently reaching out.

A working group began to reenergise the New Earth Nation program. That working group comprised Santi Azpilicueta, the manager of  New Earth IT since 2014, Wolf Knoerr, New Earth core team since 2013, Itankan Wasaka, the leader of a sovereign tribal nation in North America, and myself, Greg Paul, Acting Permanent Secretary of NEN since its inception in 2014 and former New Earth Project Director since its inception in 2012. The rest of the core new earth team was also invited to collaborate. Two other of the longest standing New Earth team members pledged their support for the project. All-told, four of the six most significant contributors to the New Earth Project were behind the project. Of the original crew, only Sacha Stone and Nancy Ash did not actively engage with the effort, although Sacha did initially respond positively.

The plan which the working group presented included the proposal to separate the New Earth Nation and New Earth Project IT infrastructure and branding in order for the long-standing confusion between the two initiatives to be finally made clear. For the sake of clarity, NEN is a sovereign jurisdiction created by and for men and women of the earth, NEP is an organisation by a group of people to facilitate projects. Since their inception their respective identities have been blurred in the public, and so the shared intention was to remedy this situation. It was not however a splitting of groups necessarily, because everyone was invited to participate in both.

After a great deal of dialogue, an agreement was arrived at as to how this process could unfold gracefully. Unfortunately however, less than 48 hours later, those under the direction of Sacha Stone attempted to take control of the servers, remove admin rights, delete the user records and interfere with the Treaty records of all members of the New Earth Nation team. Sacha then appointed a new director of Humanitad Foundation Ltd, whose first action was to claim ownership of both New Earth Project and New Earth Nation on behalf of the company.

That was several weeks ago. Since then further events have transpired which culminated in the sending of the statement below to the people who had been included in the conversation in any way.

In the midst of this we, the New Earth Nation team wrote to the New Earth mailing list to inform them of the New Earth Nation developments.

When false statements began to be made publicly on 16 May 2020, we decided to share this statement publicly as a record of the actual facts and events.

New Earth Nation & New Earth Project Statement

Please find below a statement in regard to New Earth Nation and New Earth Project as relevant to the present reorganisation and related dialogues/actions;

Background in regard to New Earth Nation:

On 4 July 2014 New Earth Nation did officially form; This was the point in time at which more than one man/woman (80 to be precise) did ratify the New Earth Treaty;

It is a matter of fact that New Earth Nation was founded by those of mankind who did ratify the New Earth Treaty at it’s opening (and those who did ratify it since); As of today, 1,771 men and women did ratify the Treaty;

All that property (or ‘assets’ as others prefer to call them) which relates to New Earth Nation and or its members, belongs to New Earth Nation and or those of mankind who are its members;

Since the formation of New Earth Nation until today, Sacha Stone did make countless public appearances in which he has either did claim to be its founder or did allow others to label him so; The most recent of which I am aware is included here by way of evidence (this particular piece has, at the time of writing, misled 7.1k souls between Youtube and Facebook);

During this same period, countless conversations did take place between Sacha Stone and I to remind him that New Earth Nation is founded by its members; After each such conversation he did continue to produce and or allow others to produce media which does claim otherwise; To this day Sacha did not ratify the New Earth Treaty;

Beyond the actual release of the Treaty itself (which was written by I and released through the New Earth Project), New Earth Project has never maintained any oversight or governance whatsoever over New Earth Nation. See attached exhibit A – NEN Letter of Intent dated 15 January 2015 signed by Sacha Stone and I, by way of evidence;

The New Earth Treaty provides for simple administrative functions of New Earth Nation to be carried out by a Secretariat; There is no other authorisation by the men and women of New Earth Nation to administer New Earth Nation affairs; I am the only man or woman who has ever acted for this Secretariat;

On 7 February 2016 I did tender my resignation as New Earth Project Director, and did explicitly state that I would continue to act as the Permanent Secretary of New Earth Nation. See exhibit B by way of evidence;

Background in regard to New Earth Project:

New Earth Project did first launch to the world on 21 December 2012; Sacha Stone did state at the time he was its Founder, and I am not aware of any dispute as to this fact then or since;

All who have participated in the New Earth Project since its launch have done so with the explicit understanding that “their participation is a service to humanity, freely given, without condition or consideration”; That is a statement lifted from section 3 of the New Earth Team Manual which every new team member who did join the organisation between 2014 – 2016 formally acknowledged, see exhibit D by way of evidence;

At no point has Humanitad Foundation been the lawful owner of the New Earth Project;

In regard to recent events concerning the future of New Earth Nation and New Earth Project:

Between 6 – 8 January 2020 I was contacted, all independently of each other, by the leader of a sovereign tribal nation in North America, the representative of a large tribal group in Australia, and Santi. The energy to once again move New Earth Nation forward did emerge from the three conversations that took place with each.

On 20 January 2020 I did write a personal note to Sacha telling him of these conversations and inviting his participation; He replied offering to support our effort where it was aligned and he able; On 3 March 2020 I wrote again to respectfully explore the best way to facilitate the necessary communications given the then present circumstances; He again replied openly; See exhibits C1 & C2 by way of evidence;

On 8 March 2020 Santi did write to the broader New Earth Project team to coordinate a New Earth Project meeting, at which it was the intention to discuss our intentions for New Earth Nation and the proposed strategy to achieve them; Two people did attend the first meeting (Guille & Michael); Further invitations were made by Santi to coordinate a follow-up meeting… without result;

On 23 March 2020, given the inability to convene a meeting, I did write to the broader New Earth Project team to convey the plans in writing and these plans did include for a clearer separation of NEN and NEP; at which time further emails were exchanged in an attempt to coordinate a meeting; the meeting never took place and on 14 April Souvereign Freedom/Sjoerd Aardema did write with a point by point response to the original email of 23 March; at which time he and I did engage a point by point dialogue which did result in an agreement that he and I would work together, subject to confirmation by Sacha and Nancy that they did empower Souvereign/Sjoerd to act for them, to facilitate the actions necessary contemplated by the proposal; See exhibit E by way of evidence;

On 18 April 2020 Sacha and Nancy did both approve Souvereign/Sjoerd to act for them in respect of New Earth Project related affairs; See exhibit F by way of evidence;

On or around 20 April 2020 Souvereign/Sjoerd and or Sacha, in concert with others, did act in breach of the good faith agreement to collaborate toward the agreed upon tasks, specifically:

1, did take control of the servers for both NEN and NEP;

2, did remove the admin rights and delete the user records of Wolf, Santi and I (including the legal owner of the domains);

3, did interfere with the formal Treaty records of three New Earth Nation members – Wolf, Santi, and I (including that of its Acting Permanent Secretary);

On 20 April 2020 Souvereign/Sjoerd did send a ‘Notice of Instruction’ the receipt of which alerted us to the foregoing acts; at which time Santi, with the approval of Wolf and I, did act to restore the breach and did take measures to ensure that it could not happen again, specifically:

1, did reclaim control of all systems;

2, did restore all systems, records and permissions to their prior state using the backup utility;

3, did revoke the admin rights of those who did act in breach of the good faith agreement;

On 30 April 2020 Souvereign/Sjoerd initiated a process, which he called, “Memorandum of Understanding Covenant of Care” between “HUMANITAD FOUNDATION LTD and New Earth Project team members”, see exhibit G by way of evidence; There are multiple issues here:

1, the document’s preamble states that the document “proclaims the living relationship between Humanitad and NEP past, present and future” – the document does not describe the relationship between Humanitad and NEP at any point in the past; this error is not the failure of a single provision but of the context for every provision in the document – on this basis alone the document is void ab initio, which does mean that in law it is to be treated as if it never existed and therefore that there is no need for I or anyone else to rebut it or its contents or the contents of any other document that may rely upon it;

2, were the document not void ab initio as a result of 1, above, it would still be the case that the vast majority of the subjects/property which the document claims to preside over (websites, logo’s, etc,) are not the property of any of the parties to the contract at the time of its making, and thus has no jurisdiction over them;

3, the signatures and or endorsements of eleven people does not and never will legitimise a transfer of “… service to humanity, freely given…” of many hundreds of men and women whose energy comprises the New Earth Project, from a group of living custodians to a corporate vessel; for such a transfer to happen legitimately, there would need to be compensation offered to those whose energy did create the New Earth Project, and those contributors would need to accept the offer, or those contributors would otherwise need to consent to gift the fruits of their labour to a corporate vessel rather than to those of mankind, failing which the incumbent New Earth Project team have no capacity to make such an agreement; we can though provide a record of (at least some of) the energy historically contributed by New Earth Project team members should that be something the team would like to pursue in the future;

4, the seal of a notary to a document is not an endorsement of the contents of the document, rather it is an authentication and certification of signatures, authority and capacity of those who sign the document… in this case the authentication and certification of a declaration of attempted usurpation;

On 15 May 2020 I did write to the New Earth Nation membership and mailing list, as the Acting Permanent Secretary of New Earth Nation, to update them in regard to the intentions and proposed actions to now initiate new earth nations across the earth; If you are a member of New Earth Nations or otherwise subscribed to the mailing list, you will have received this;

I now send to you this statement to clarify the actual facts of the situation, and do state again, as I have at the end of almost every correspondence sent these last weeks, that all are welcome to join us in now implementing the core of the vision that brought us here – nations, communities and villages of free men and women all across the earth; No one who wishes to continue to navigate New Earth Nation forward with us will be excluded by I or anyone else currently stewarding New Earth Nation property… no one;

We can and will protect New Earth Nation from any and all usurpation, and we can and will release all New Earth Project property to current New Earth Project team members (not to HUMANITAD FOUNDATION LTD) as soon as the separation of the digital infrastructures is complete per prior agreements… indeed the only reason why members are currently locked out of the previously shared system is because of the bad faith attempts to usurp New Earth Nation and it’s membership as clearly stated herein.

With love

Greg Paul
Acting Permanent Secretary
For New Earth Nation


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